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Hey there! I am Jonna, founder and creative director at Berry Vegan

Delights. My love for chocolate began before I could walk. My late grandmother was a lover of all things chocolate and it's clear she passed that love down to me!

It wasn't until I switched to a plant-based diet that I began to noticed the huge lack of delicious vegan chocolate treats (especially chocolate covered strawberries). After searching and searching for the perfect chocolate covered strawberries, I realized It hadn't been created! So, I started experimenting in my kitchen, teaching myself how to dip and add creative designs to strawberries...I'll admit, the beginning stages weren't pretty, I made many mistakes, lost countless hours of sleep but I refused to give up. Months later I built up enough courage to give samples to my family and friends to try. I was blown away with the positive feedback and overwhelming demand for holiday orders. Shortly thereafter Berry Vegan Delights, LLC was born and so was my love for designing luxury chocolate covered strawberries! Today, vegans and non-vegans alike from all walks of life indulge in my delicious, over-the-top berry creations and treats! 


          Talent. Hustle. Motivation.



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