Q: How do I place an online order and pay?

A: Simply click the Order Online button where you can browse our menu, add treats to your cart, include any special request and select your desired delivery options. Please specify date and time you'll need your order. Once you've selected your desired item(s) click Order Now and you'll be prompted to complete your transaction using a credit or debit card. 

Q: Where is Berry Vegan Delights located?

A: We are exclusively online and we use local commercial kitchen space in Columbus, Ohio. We're looking forward to having a storefront in the near future!

Q: Is an order minimum required?

A: Yes, Berry Vegan Delights requires at least a $25.00 minimum purchase.   

Q: When will my order be ready?

A: Please select your desired delivery date and time upon checkout. Same day delivery is not available.  

Q: How long will my cookies stay fresh?

A: Our delicious cookies are preservative free so we recommend enjoying them within 5 days. Please refrain from refrigeration. They can be kept frozen for 2 months. Simply keep them in the original packaging and store inside of an airtight container. When you're ready to enjoy them, pop them in the microwave for 12 seconds and you'll have pure deliciousness all over again. 

Q: How do I store my strawberries and how long will they last? 

A: To ensure freshness, keep your strawberries refrigerated and enjoy within 48 hours. 

Q: I noticed theres moisture on my chocolate covered strawberries why? 

A: Condensation on chocolate covered strawberries is completely normal and it's the result of using fresh fruit as the main ingredient and keeping it refrigerated to maintain freshness. 

Q: Is every product you sell vegan? 

A: Absolutely, we never us any animal products in any of our delicious sweet treats. Berry Vegan Delights is 100% animal cruelty free! 

Q: Is same day delivery available?

A: Unfortunately, same day delivery is not available at this time. 

Q: Do you offer Gluten-Free treats? Organic Strawberries? 

A: Absolutely! Gluten Free and Organic Strawberries are available upon request. *Additional fee applies for organic strawberries. 

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